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Week 1 – Welcome to the PIXEL Blog!

Welcome to the PIXEL Blog!

Here we will announce updates, upcoming features, community events and more!


Welcome to the PIXEL Blog, managed by the CEO of PIXEL himself, Tom.bat.

As a community we believe that everyone has the right to know what is going on behind the scenes, that’s why we have decided to create this blog. We are hoping to post regularly (probably weekly) to keep you updated on what’s happening in PIXEL. From time to time we may have other editors, such as our game server directors, who may talk about what they are doing to improve their server. We may also have our developers talk about the new amazing things we have coming out for you in the near future. But we’ll see until then. For now it will just be lonely Tom typing away at 01:56AM hoping that someone will read his cry for help.


Anyway let’s get up to speed with things, this week on PIXEL!

Nothing much on our Discord, broken perms as usual. Tom needs to fix them and probably just recreate the whole thing tbh.


PIXEL CloneWars, now isn’t this a big one eh? Well this week we have announced that we may be switching from our current map to the venator v4 map. It seems to be better for players when there aren’t many people on as they can do out of charater fun and simulations on their own. More news on the map change can be found on our forums, we’d appreciate it if you could vote on there and give your opinion. Also on the CloneWars server, we have added a few minor features recently just to improve the visual side of things, we have added one of those vignette thingies that take about 50 minutes to type the name up correctly on keyboard. Adding to the visuals we also have the weapon holstering system, it is currently in beta as of right now but it seems to be putting your unused weapon on your back so it must being doing okay.


I think that should be it for the CloneWars server for now, lets move on to something else… Okay also this week, PIXEL Half Life 2 Roleplay has been released, or sorta last week(?) I actually cannot remember it’s 2:06AM now let me die in peace. Anyway the Half Life 2 Roleplay server has been released, however, it is still in heavy beta as of right now. We’d appreciate it if you could check it out some time, the IP is:


Right so I don’t really know what Half Life 2 Roleplay is so I’ll just move on now. PIXEL Forums (V2 I guess?) has been released! This is a pretty big change in our community because now the “lazy” owner is going to be active on the forums, and I put that in very very bold quotation marks. So, what’s with the update to the forums you may ask? Well what isn’t with it to be fair? The old one was completely broken and the theme was a mess. So guess what? Tom sorted that out didn’t he? Oh nice one Tom glad you’re doing okay. Breaking news, he isn’t, it’s now 02:13AM.

Anyway back to the forums, the theme has been updated to make it feel a lot more 2018 and it has been given a fully fresh start to clear out those russian spam bots that we kept on getting and the over 200k view count on some forum posts (as seen here) because of them (I never found out where they suddenly appeared from but some of the spam is pretty funny tbh). Adding on to the things we changed on the forums, we have finally set up a full ranking system which is the same as the one used in our Game Servers and Discords, we have also got some new fancy plugins such as an auto responding bot, @mentioning users, desktop notifications and a discord log channel. There are plenty of other features I could keep telling you about but you probably don’t care and just want to use it without me bombarding you with all these letters in this stupid language with big nasty words, so, have it https://forum.pixel-community.com, the link, you wanted it right? Good because you better sign up right now otherwise you’re getting banned (jk not really).


Right so that’s the CloneWars, Half Life 2 Roleplay servers and the forums done. What else ummmmm…..

It’s 02:25AM, it’s suddenly getting to me that I have most certainly failed english if it has actually just taken me over 30 minutes to piece together the 771 word long mess that this is right now.


Other news, PIXEL has an official API now! You probably don’t know what one is, google says it stands for “Application Programming Interface”, basically meaning cool developer guys like me can use this “API” in my program to use data that PIXEL might share, such as our server status, ulx ranks and more. Our new server list bot already works with the API and in the future we are hoping to move everything else to it to make the “network” easier to bulk update things like ranks and stuff. Anyone who is a cool developer guy that might want to use our API should go here: http://api.pixel-community.com, chances are that our VPS has decided to restart itself so it isn’t running anyway.


Also, another project being worked on at the moment is the PIXEL Status Page, it operates using the PIXEL API and was coded when Tom had no Wi-Fi for a long amount of time (oh no the flashbacks). It is completely finished in terms of code but we need to get a new IP address to run the server off of for it so for now I have coded something that hasn’t got a use.


That’s it for this week, I’m sure I’m more excited to say this is over than you (I hope), it’s 02:38AM now and I need sleep. Before we leave you we would just like to remind you to check out the donation store because right now we have the summer sale ongoing and every job is 30% off.


Thanks for reading,

– Tom, CEO and Developer of PIXEL