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Week 2.5 – Tom was retarded and forgot

Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog!

Welcome to week 2 of the PIXEL Update Blog, this week we have been hard at work pushing out loads of new servers and advertising our existing ones!


So, this week:

The Discord server! At the time of writing this, Tom still hasn’t made a single change to it since last week’s update blog, he probably should (tbf).


PIXEL CloneWars is once again one of the biggest things we have been working on this week. This time we have made a brand new Steam Group for the server so it will be easier for people to find when searching on the Steam Community for a CloneWarsRP server, we hope this should bring some new and experienced players to us in the future. As well as this we have also been posting ourselves on other large server listing sites, subreddits and Steam discussions. We’re not saying it’s going to get us really far but if it exists why not use it?


So, as you may have guessed, we’ve been focusing a lot on trying to increase our playerbase recently. What I have listed already on the CloneWars server is nothing compared to the other things we have been doing.


The PIXEL Cinema server has been released! This is just one piece of our strategy to get us known within the Garry’s Mod community. Cinema is a gamemode that appeals to people who are usually new to Garry’s Mod so by starting this server we hope to bring new members to the community. The IP is if you would like to join.


PIXEL TTT is being re-released (must be the 3rd time now I swear)! Once again it will attract people who are fairly new to Garry’s Mod and hopefully bring them on to our other big servers such as CloneWarsRP and HalfLife2RP. The IP for this server is


So that’s a lot of servers you’ve released there. Surely there’s nothing else you have done…. right?

Wrong… Very wrong. Thanks to the amazing help of Sonicboom, we have managed to release 5 new servers in just one week, Cinema, TTT, Murder, Pirate Ship Wars and Prop Hunt, the IPs will be listed below this post. If you would like to suggest a new server please tell us on our forums!


That’s it for this week’s update we hope to see you on here next time. Like last week, we’d just like to remind you to check out the donation store right now as we have the summer sale ongoing and every job is 30% off.


PIXEL Cinema






PIXEL Murder



PIXEL Pirate Ship Wars



PIXEL Prop Hunt