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Week 3 – Repairing the wreck

Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog!

Welcome once again to the PIXEL Update Blog! This week we have been working on repairing the mess of a backend we have.


So, this week:

The Discord server! Once again, Tom still hasn’t made a single change to it since week 1, he really needs to (tbh).


PIXEL CloneWars isn’t the biggy of the week for once. We haven’t changed all that much on it other than a few minor bug fixes and preparation for some new exciting addons!


Right so whats with the backend thingy you may ask? We’ll its sorta a big thing I guess, well if you want our servers to actually be running. Basically in simple terms, the backend is what manages all operations on our machines.

So anyway, due to Tom (ffs Tom again) moving house he had made one big mistake (just like this blog site). His IP address had changed as he was now on new broadband so ultimately locked him out of the master node for a month. In that time our backend had become outdated and everything started to become unstable. So this week we had to get access back by contacting the datacentre to connect us to their fancy network thingy and reset the whitelist so we could connect again. Now that we have access I am happy to say that the 500 updates we missed out on have been done and our backend “seems” stable now, I guess.


So does the week just end there? I don’t know to be honest, it’s midnight again and I’m writing blog posts so I’m just sorta slamming this into my keyboard as it comes to my mind.


Ah yes! Of course there is something else. Adding onto the CloneWarsRP server again. This week we also added something big, an in game voice communication system. This allows players to use voice chat with other members of the same regiment anywhere in the ship which is much better for roleplay, it also allows public channels which are all done on seperate frequencies. One of the other good things about this system is that it allows people to socialise in general, a few days ago people were hosting their own radio shows on public frequencies and people were singing. Perhaps this could be the spark that lights the fire of PIXEL Radio? Well we’ll see about that in the future (yeah its deffo gonna be in next weeks blog post).


Let’s add even more on to CloneWarsRP shall we? This week Tom announced that the playermodels in game may be changed to the StarWars Battlefront 2 playermodels so they look more like the movie and look nicer in general. You can vote for this change in our CloneWarsRP Discord.


That’s it for this week’s update we hope to see you on here next time. Thanks!