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Week 4 – Minor updates and new releases

Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog!

Welcome once again to the PIXEL Update Blog! This week we’ve focused on updating our current services and bringing out some new ones.


This week:

The Discord server! If you’ve read the previous blog posts, you’d expect Tom to have not done anything to the Discord server still… That’s correct.


PIXEL CloneWars hasn’t changed much this week, we’re working on bringing out a better event map system which should hopefully lower joining times significantly and use less of your disk space. We hope to release this some time this month.


PIXEL ImperialRP is being worked on again. The whole server is being rebuilt from scratch and we hope to re-release some time in the next month or two. It should have fast joining times compared to our CloneWarsRP server aswell as new features such as battle music and updated UI.


PIXEL Rust this is the second time we have officially announced a Rust server and we are hoping for a release soon. We will aim to keep it as vanilla as possible but we are adding minor improvements here and there to make it more entertaining for players.


PIXEL Radio! What did I say last week? You didn’t listen did you? Well yeah so we’re working on making an internet radio station, we’re going to need a few DJs so it’d be great if you could volunteer yourselves and DM Tom on Discord. Anyway, we’re going to have a song request system in place and other cool features to make your listening experience the best it can be.


PIXEL Websites are being updated, we’re working on an entirely new theme for all PIXEL branded sites to make it more consistant and nicer looking.


PIXEL Devs, our internal development team, now has a public gitlab page, there’s nothing open source on it yet but we’re releasing some projects on there soon!



That’s it for this week’s update, thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!