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Week 6 – So Whats Happened

Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog! Welcome to week 6 (we will ignore the break) of the PIXEL Update Blog! Since last time we have had lots of changes occur, to start this is not Tom writing, its your new Blog Host Mr Matthew!!!! Since last time:

It’s still there.

PIXEL Clone Wars

Firstly we have had a fantastic update taking us to a brand new custom gamemode created by our very own developer, Alydus. We’ve also moved our main base to our new Venator named Vigilant.

PIXEL Cinema
Still going. I hopped onto the server to find someone watching a how to video for origami, I hope he now knows what he’s doing.

TTT is doing well for it’s self. The Traitors are still jihading franc… I mean the detectives.
Matthew: Is this joke to racist.
Inner thoughts: Nah, I’m sure it’s fine.
The Graveyard
All i can say is Rest In Pixel. Its been a tough choice for Tom and the Directors to decide this but unfortunately PIXEL Rust, PIXEL Sandbox & others have been taken down, that’s right… Its Dead Jim.

The Projects
ImperialRP is still a W.I.P and so is DarkRP. But maybe one day we will have at least one of them.
The Panel:
So Tom has found a few new features on our Panel for example: snow, news page, a different colour scheme and also a 30% off over the Christmas time.
Mr Matthew? Who’s that?
Hi I’m Mr Matthew, Currently as i type i am a Moderator and a Commander for the lovely Clone Wars Role Play server. Ive been gifted the job of Blog Host in trust that i can keep bi-weekly updates rolling out. the future of my blogs will involve interviews with our dazzling developers and delightful directors (Begging for that Promotion Lads), exclusive updates on our servers and lots more gossip on the Pixel Web.
That’s it for this update, Ive been your Host Mr Matthew, and this is Pixel Blogs, Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen…. Okay fine, Thank you Lads, Until next time “Hasta la vista, baby.”.