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Bi-Week 7 – The fall of the Bad Boys.

Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog! Welcome to Bi-week 7 of the PIXEL Update Blog!

Now I haven’t been around these past weeks so this will be short but sweet. the reason the blog is called what it’s called is because I’ve had alot of messages from people saying is this blog gunna be “The fall of Pixel haha” “The fall of CWRP” and to those No it’s not, It’s a new year and a new thought of mind. Anyway on with the blog
Garrys mod
The servers have undergone some bad times, we are needing more players to join and more frequently aswell. Community meetings for CWRP are now happening weekly and events are going to be pushed out more than ever in the new year.
Other than that the other servers are still there.

That’s all for this Bi-week’s tiny update, have a happy new year and I hope to see you all soon on the new year.

Signing off
Mr Matthew