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Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog!

Welcome to round 8 of the PIXEL Update Blog!

PIXEL Volunteers: some of you may have heard of Pixel Volunteers, if you haven’t then your living under a rock. Pixel Volunteers has been created to help bring the community together and to get voices heard and help Tom and the Directors find perfect candidates for the jobs they require, *Flex* like myself with my dashing new DarkRP HoS *Flex*. I advise you to check the discord out and apply, and if you feel you don’t have good qualities then there is a channel for you to apply and you’ll be chosen for certain jobs due to your qualities.

PIXEL Clone Wars: It has been a harsh battle for all the Staff of Clone Wars, but the battle has ended in ashes and unfortunately Clone Wars has come to an end and joined the Pixel Graveyard. Fear not though as Tom has said that in the future there may be a development on a Clone Wars server.

PIXEL DarkRP:  The release of DarkRP has been hidden behind curtains but is now released, i will be the HoS (If you haven’t heard *Flex*). Tom has been working around the clock alone over the past 2 weeks, which is another reason why hes open Pixel Volunteers. any suggestions on how we can improve DarkRP are welcome via myself or tom at the moment.

PIXEL ImperialRP: ImperialRP is officially underway with development being managed by Jeff Is His Name and Dat Sexy Blocc. Unfortunately i have no more information on this but in future PXLogs we should have information there.

Graphics Development: Graphics development for Pixel will now be Coordinated by Milton, so expect some new Graphics, hes gonna make it prettier than me on a hot Spanish nude beach!

Possible Future Developments: With the Pixel volunteers discord tom will be able to find volunteers that could be used for other servers i am the upcoming future, such as Military RP, CWRP 2.0, maybe mini-game servers like Murder, Prop hunt.

That’s it for this update blog, any questions or suggestions are welcome through myself, the directors and of course our over worked and tired Tom.Bat.

Mr-Matthew DarkRP HoS Blog Writer, Signing off.