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PXLog 9 – It’s been a while

Welcome back to the PIXEL Update Blog!

Welcome back to Chapter 9 of the PIXEL Update Blog! after our small break.

PIXEL Volunteers: Pixel Volunteers is still running and Tom still needs your help. Apply for anything you feel you could help with with the link below:

PIXEL TTT Event: on Wednesday 20th February between 4PM-7PM GMT, all are invited to join myself and others in a 3 hour game on the PIXEL TTT Server and we encourage that afterwards you join us on our DarkRP server for some light entertainment. this event may be streamed (More news to come on the day)

PIXEL DarkRP: After some work and a few bumps it is up and running with constant updates rolling out, we just need you, The player, to come and join!!!!

PIXEL ImperialRP: The Jobs have been completed and is still in progress expect news to come.

PIXEL Clone Wars…. 3.0?? : After a small vote and discussion Tom is looking into possibly getting Clone Wars up and running, however it wont happen unless he has people applying on PIXEL Volunteers and playing on the current PIXEL Community.

PIXEL Discord:  Discord has been revamped by our discord team, and now has some very fancy sections, Tom would like to know if we should hold events such as Karaoke nights. all suggestions are welcome but while Tom is away, message myself and i will work on planning them. https://discord.gg/74gCwqZ

That’s it for this update blog, any questions or suggestions are welcome through myself or Toms P.A Milton, Tom may be able to reply but unfortunately is suffering from NoComputerItus Disease, this means he won’t be able to reply often

Mr_Matthew DarkRP HoS Blog Writer, Signing off.